Saturday, October 19, 2013

Book Review: "Self-Inflicted Wounds:Heart Warming Tales of Epic Humiliation" by Aisha Tyler

I have a major girl crush on Aisha Tyler. She's beautiful and hilarious and smart and talented and I really would like to be best of friends with her. But she's too busy, I don't think she has time for best friends. Since I can't be friends with her in real life I read her book instead.

"Self-Inflicted Wounds" comes from a segment in her podcast (called Girl on Guy) in which her guest has to tell a story about something ridiculous that happened to them that they brought on themselves. It usually isn't a physical wound, it's usually more emotional and psychological  (Though I just heard one where the guest confessed to punching himself in the face multiple times for a week to try to toughen himself up for his tae kwan do practice).  Since Aisha asks this of all of her guests and hadn't really confessed to any of her own wounds she wrote a book to even the score.

This book is funny.Like, sitting in your living room by yourself, laugh out loud funny. Her stories start when she is very small when she almost impales herself on a spring of a discarded hobby horse. They continue all the way up to her adulthood including interesting moments from her career.

                (This is the kind of horse but with less protective features)

It's pretty much an autobiography told through the lens of all of her worst moments.At first I thought this might be cringe-inducing, but she manages to tell all the stories with humor and grace so you don't feel bad for laughing.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because it made me laugh and made me feel better about myself. Also she loves Ray Bradbury, and that is worth half of a star all day,everyday and twice on Sundays.

Call me Aisha.Please.

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