Friday, January 31, 2014

This Post is Not About Books - February ( I know, I'm one day early) and February preview

Today we're going to talk about other blogs that I read and that might interest you! Follow them, subscribe by email or follow their social media if they tickle your fancy.

My friend Sarah is one of the first people I told when I started to blog. She has been wonderfully supportive and Im trying to not harass her with too many questions.Her blog is so beautiful and crisp and clean you can't help but ogle at it. She offers sewing DIYs, decorating tips and projects, scenes from her Western landscape and pictures of her new puppy! She also loves to read, though she is still iffy on Ray Bradbury.(I'm working on converting her). Her blog is Neroli Blossoms.

Robert Bruce is reading his way through Time magazine's 100 best English speaking novels since 1923 ( plus "Ulysses"). Is he crazy? Maybe. Is it entertaining to watch? Yes. I read a lot but there almost exclusively books I pick for myself, I can't imagine getting through someone elses' list. A lot of these books are dense, complicated and obtuse. There are a few books that I've read and enjoyed ("Death Comes for the Archbishop" and "Watchmen") but also some I will never read ("Lolita"). Follow Robert as he makes his way through the list over at 101 Books.

If you like pictures of Corgis, The Daily Corgi is a great bet. I mean what's better than peeping on other people's dogs while you wait for your own? They also are very active in fundraising for sick puppies.

Another entertaining blog: Awesome People Reading. It's...exactly what it sounds like.Pictures of awesome people reading.

Feel free to check out these other places but don't forget about your old friend Library Educated :)


I had a book run in yesterday as I was leaving work. Being in an elevator with someone you don't know is awkward, and one of my most uncomfortable parts of working in a multistory building. My elevator riding buddy yesterday is a rather intense (though not unfriendly or mean) attorney and I saw he was reading a book. Before I could stop myself the words "Oh, what are you reading?" go flying out of my mouth. (Here's the thing about me. I don't talk to strangers hardly ever, the only time I talk to strangers is if there are dogs or books involved.)

He flips the book closed and shows me the cover's "American Psycho". Remember when I reviewed that book? Yeah. So once again words fly out of my mouth unbidden, "Oh my gosh that book scarred me for life. How are you liking it?" He laughed and me and we talked for the rest of our 15 second ride about how he thought it was a worthwhile read if you could "get past all of the perverted stuff, which is kind of a lot."

So that's why you should read books. You can talk about books filled with cocaine and murdered prostitutes with a coworker who you don't know. Hooray!


Coming up in February: a book reviews with giveaway, a Q&A with a Pulitzer prize winner with a giveaway, books about wine, a book about a man who gets pulled into the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, bad literary boyfriends, and much much more!


  1. Aw thanks for the shout out! Feel free to keep harassing me about blog stuff, I don't mind. And remind me to bug you about social media questions at some point. Because twitter - I just don't get it.

  2. Did you see that I got my little "you might also like" thing going on? Woot woot!
    I ragged on twitter so bad and then I joined and I love it. Hit me up!


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