Saturday, January 25, 2014

January Book News and Notes

In the December 6th edition of the Wall Street Journal there was an interesting article about the unusual trend of adults reading books meant for children, mostly grade school age.My boss (who pointed out the article) and I were thinking of reasons that this might be. Do people just want a quick, easy read, where everything is happily resolved for stress relief? Does it have something to do with reading them before giving them to your children? Do they do it so they can talk to other moms in their play dates about it? (It would probably be helpful if I had kids, in regards to this topic at least).

The article points out that more and more things are made to cater to adults and children. Pixar movies were held up as one example, I know I watched the Monsters Inc sequel a couple of weeks ago just because I wanted to see it. John Grisham writes a series of children's books about a kid detective. Some popular bands have put out children's albums.

I don't know quite what to make of it. I don't think that most authors go out of their way to write a children's book that adults will enjoy. Is it marketing? Is it our kids getting smarter and so the books appeal to adults as well? Is it just marketing?

I have no idea. Anyone have any thoughts?

The WSJ article is called "See Grown-ups Read.Read, Grown-ups, Read: by Alexandra Alter.

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