Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years, New Totals and New Goals

Happy New Year all! Hopefully no one has a terrible hangover today. (I'm writing this in advance, just in case, haha.) Today we're going to finally put a pin in 2013 and talk about what might be in store for 2014.

Reading Total for 2012:140
Reading Total for 2013:185 

(I don't know why such a jump from 2012 to 2013. I read more graphic novels in 2013 then 2012, but there was no more than 8 of those. I think maybe it was because I was willing to give up on books that I didn't like where as in 2012 I felt obligated to read them to the end?)

Reading goals for the New Year:I'm not going to set reading goals for 2014. Itll be my first year reading for a blog (is that like eating for two when you're pregnant?) so I don't really know how that will effect me. But I'm thinking it will be about 120. 

A goal that I set for 2013 was to read the Bible chronologically.I only got about 7 read. The one reading goal I'm going to set for this year is to complete what I started!

I have a lot of posts already plotted out, and even some written! In 2014 expect posts on: travel, amazing survival stories, wine, dead bodies and so much more. None of those necessarily together. I'm open to your suggestions if there's something that you'd like to hear/read about too!

I hope and pray will be a beautiful,peaceful and wonderful 2014!

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