Wednesday, July 1, 2015

All Lady July kickoff!!!

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Let's pause for a dance party, yes? Yes!

(Ironically, neither Arnold nor Tom are my favorite people but I couldn't resist. I love Raving Arnold and a lot of my dance moves mirror Mr Cruises', which is not good.)

Alright, let's put the dance party on hold and talk about what you're going to get in this year's celebration of All Lady July!

We've got book reviews! We've got a great link roundup! We've got an author interview! We've got great literary gift ideas! We've got guest posters! (If I get my act together) We've got a giveaway! We've got women talking about women who are awesome! And more! I'll try not to bombard you with too many posts, but you will be getting more content than usual this month. If you're new to this month long celebration of wonderful women, welcome! So happy to have you here. If even know you're like, "holy cow I must guest post this month at LE I have so much to say about women and books!" you just get in contact with me, there's room for you!

At the end of the month all of the posts will be compiled under the All Lady July tab on the top of the page. Tip of the hat to my sister Quinn who used one of her favorite apps to make the picture for this month (way better than what I had cooked up in picmonkey, haha)


  1. The gifs!!! Although the excitement is appropriate!!

    1. Giphy is my new favorite site, I could just watch the gifs go for hours!

  2. This sounds awesome! Hahah I don't really like Tom either, but I LOVED him in that movie!

    1. He was awesome in that movie. The big prosthetic hands make me laugh every time!


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