Friday, June 27, 2014

Author Interview with D. Lawrence Young - "Six Million Accusers: Catching Adolf Eichmann"

Today I'm a part of a GMTA tour talking about D. Lawrence Young's exciting sounding book!

Here's the synopsis!
"Six Million Accusers" is a historical novel reliving the hunt for, and capture of one of history's most evil criminals - a leading Nazi named Adolf Eichmann.

Having disappeared after WWII, members of an Israeli organization search the world for Eichmann, hoping to one day capture one of the men responsible for brutally massacring millions of Jews, and others. Following any tip possible, eventually they discover a Jewish father and daughter who swear Eichmann quietly lives in their community, under a new name. The search for Eichmann ramps up, and the agents begin to fervently believe they have found their man.

As they get closer and closer, a plan must also be created to capture Eichmann, and secretly transport the villain back to Israel. Is it really Eichmann? And if so, what complications may arise that might destroy their plans to have this notorious Nazi held responsible for his crimes?

"Six Million Accusers" is based on historic detail, and David Lawrence- Young does an excellent job reliving the hunt for, and capture of Adolf Eichmann. Well written and easy to read, "Six Million Accusers" should be a staple of the educational discussion of WWII and the aftermath.

~~D. Bettenson

I did a little interview with David as he is promoting his new book.

1. I see you call your book a "documentary novel". What does this mean exactly? 
 It means that this novel isn't just, to quote my friend, William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth', a product of my 'heat oppressed brain', but that it is very close to the truth and is based on reliable sources. 

2. What made you focus on Eichmann's story and not another Nazi?
I chose to write about Eichmann and his capture by the Israeli Mossad secret service since I am Israeli and also because this story is inherently a good and exciting story whoever carried out this project.

3. How much/what kind of research did you have to do to tell the story? Did it involve any travel?
Much of my research was done by using books, newspaper articles and the net. I also met an ex-Mossad agent who gave me a certain amount of information and also access to some relevant photos and correspondence in connection with capturing Eichmann and flying him back to Israel. 

4. Was there anything that really surprised you when you were researching?
Not really. I was quite knowledgeable about the details of this capturing Eichmann project. However, learning about the initial details how Eichmann's son accidentally gave away the secret of his father's hideaway was new to me. Also the story of how the original recipients of this secret was also new to me. 

5. Are there any other books coming from you in the future? Are there any other topics you'd like to explore?
I am now half-way through writing another historical novel - a much more imaginative one this time, but one that is still based on a true story about the English Civil War during 1642-51.  After this I plan to write one about the Serbian Black Hand Gang who killed the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef in Sarajevo in June 1914 and thus fired the spark that (may) have started WW1. It will be written from the Serbian point-of-view. To this end, I will be travelling to ex-Yugoslavia and Sarajevo this summer.

I'm really interested in the upcoming book about Serbia. I love a good book about historical events that don't get a lot of attention. Thanks so much for the time David, I appreciate it!

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