Friday, February 5, 2016

My New Podcast Obsession - Stuff You Missed in History Class


I feel like I'm always a little behind on getting the scoop on the best podcasts, though Heather over at Capricious Reader has turned me on to so many great ones I don't even mind being late to the party. My most recent obsession is "Stuff You Missed in History Class". The hosts thoroughly research and then tell us about interesting true stories that are interesting and maybe under-reported in the history books. They episodes are short, interesting, and make you feel like one smart cookie by the end of them! I listen to a couple a day and I rue the day that I finally get caught up and actually have to wait on new episodes.

I've mad a little playlist to pique your interest. I tried to pick a grouping of episodes that represent the span that the podcast encompasses but mainly I just ended up picking my favorites. Each title is linked to the episode for easy listening! (If you listen to this podcast and have favorites please tell me about them in the comments so I can give them a listen!)

"The Princess Who Swallowed a Glass Piano" (Aired April 24 2013)

There once was a princess who lived kind of isolated in a far away castle...and she thought she swallowed a piano and this caused her great distress. The interesting thing is that this wasn't a super strange thing at the time....

Sir Christopher Lee (Aired October 12 2015)

Sir Lee was a BAMF. There's simply no other way to put it. Actor, espionage maker, family man, a wizard AND a heavy metal musician. I might be in love with Christopher Lee. It's a shame that he died recently.

"The Hartford Circus Fire" (Aired March 11 2015)

In 1944, a fun day at the circus turned into a  big top terror. I'm not sure why this event fascinates me so much, but it always has. Maybe because my great-grandma sewed costumes for a circus!

"China's Footbinding Tradition" (Aired March 19 2014)

Just a head's up there is some talk about repeatedly breaking foot bones in the episode. But besides that, it's interesting to hear about the "whys" of this tradition. Spoiler - it's not because everyone had a Tarantino-esque foot fetish. But yeah, maybe some of that too.

On the docket to listen to today while starting at spreadsheets and doing math:

"The Dyaltov Pass Incident" (Aired October 6 2014)

A camping/climbing trip for a bunch of college kids goes horribly wrong and we still don't know why!

Anyone else listen to this podcast and have a favorite? Or have a different podcast they love that they would recommend?


  1. I can't resist a good history podcast...

    1. The Christopher Lee talk is heavy in LOTR lore as well. Tollers wanted him to be Gandalf but by the time they actually got around to making the movies he couldn't do all of the physically demanding stuff Gandalf would have to do so that's why he was bad wizard whose name I can't ever spell


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