Monday, October 12, 2015

Announcements and Excitements!

Jamie's blog has the Read Along fun happening on her blog today, head over and see what we'll be talking about on Friday! Here's what we talked about last Friday!

Next, happy wedding week to my Aunt Meredith! She is walking down the aisle Friday evening to her George and I'm excited to see her "happily ever after" start! Aunt Meredith was one of my first blog readers and a big encourager of it, so hooray!

Nextly, do you guys know what Saturday is? Only one of my most favorite days of the year! Dewey's readathon! I'm cheering this year, so I will be very active on the twitter on Saturday evening. That is your warning, take the necessary steps!

Lastly, today is the 2 year bloggiversary. There was supposed to be a giveaway post here....



Buuuut I was camping all weekend and forgot about it. Good news, giveaway on Friday!!!!


  1. Yay, aunt Meredith! I've always envied the Dewey readathoners - I never can seem to get into 24 hour challenges :) And finally happy bloggiversary, and many many more to come!!

    1. I can't do the reading for 24 hours. It's too much. I cheered last year and am doing it again this year and just had too much fun. Though my Sunday is always a wash. :)


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