Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ode to a Podcast I Love

I'm late to the podcast game. The one that I've loved the longest was Welcome to Night Vale. Love the quirkiness, love that librarians are scary, love that the dog park isn't for dogs.

But eventually I got all caught up on the happenings in Night Vale (hello flights to and from Europe, along with several bus rides when there) and I needed a new podcast. I didn't exactly know what I wanted but the upside to being late in the game is that other people have already talked about the thing that you are wondering about. So thanks Buzzfeed, you brought me a great podcast AND told me what type of personality I have based on which squiggly line I chose out of a lineup.

So, the Memory Palace.

Each episode is between (on average) 5 and 15 minutes long. Each episode tells the story of a true historical event that you probably had never heard of, I think I maybe had heard of 2 (?) and I think of myself as a pretty big history nerd.

There's a creepy one every Halloween, one year's topic was stories of people being buried alive.

The episode on John Paul Jones (the founder of the American Navy) made me want to cry.

The episode entitled "OMG!!! JKP!!!" was more informative then several history classes I've taken.

"Babysitting" will make you ask SO MANY "what-ifs"?

Not going to lie to you,a lot of them are at least a little sad. But many are not, or have redemptive endings.

So please find Memory Palace on iTunes and give it a listen, I don't think you will regret it!


  1. Totally adding this to my podcast list! Sounds like something I would love. Have you heard of Criminal? They're about 20 minutes wrong and are interesting crimes and stories.


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