Friday, October 31, 2014

November Preview. Space and France and Corgis, oh my!

There's lots of fun stuff going on in the blog this November.

It's my birthday month! Which might mean a post that's just pictures of corgis in party hats.

You will be transported to France for a travel book review!

I accidently signed up for 3 book tours this month! (I usually try to keep it at 2 a month.) But all of the books sounded good so I'm sure you guys won't mind.

Lastly, you will be seeing a LOT of sci fi.

Our friends over at Rinn Reads and Oh the Books! are hosting Sci-Fi November 2014 and as soon as I heard about it I was like "yeah, sign me up for that.I want in on all the things".

From me, you will be getting 2 author interviews, a book about time travel, fun facts about famous Sci-Fi writers, a series recommendation, and at the end of the month I'm going to do a roundup of some of my favorite posts from other Sci-Fi November participants.

Man, that sounds like a lot. It was a bit of a nightmare getting all of that scheduled and put together but I hope you agree with me and think it's worth it! There's going to be some changes in the scheduling though, you'll get an occasional weekend post which I usually don't do. Just to keep you on your toes :)

Happy November all!

Sci-Fi November - Hosted by Rinn Reads & Oh, the Books!


  1. Have a happy birthday! :D I don't know if this is belated or early, but regardless have a great time ;)

    Thanks for signing up to Sci-Fi Month too, looking forward to your posts even if I will probably be slow with commenting for most of this month :(

    1. You're early, so it's ok! :) I've been having fun with SciFi November so far, I'm really liking all the author interviews especially. I need to make an effort to get more of those types of posts here! Thanks for running the show!

  2. Hallo, Hallo! :)

    I am a 2nd Year Participant who is finally making her rounds to all the lovely Intro SFN Posts! I posted mine a bit late (which I explain): SFN: 2014 I fell in love with sci-fi as a young girl, which I spoke about last year (all my posts are archived for SFN: click the top menu "Book Blogosphere Events" to find the SFN section!) and I am simply thankful to Rinn to have created such an awesome celebration! :)

    You & I were on the same blog tour: 100 Places in France! :) I am definitely going to drop back to not only read your SFN posts but to see if we equally had a wonderful time reading 100 Places! My participation in that blog tour led me to finding Edith Wharton enthused readers -- it was such a delight! :)

    I know what you mean about overscheduling your blog -- in some ways I'm in the same boat as tonight I'm revealing how I'm showcasing Indie Writers who sometimes overlap into my SFN showcases! :) The best joy for me though is finding new book bloggers and those who participated last year as well - who love science fiction as much as I do!

    I am even spotlighting three book series this SFN: one is a Sci-Fantasy, one is for time travel, and the other is science fiction based on science fact!! It is quite a wicked month indeed! I'll be back soon!


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