Friday, April 4, 2014

Not a Book Post - April. 25 Things about Me.

I was cleaning out my facebook the other day and I came across my "notes" section that contained those "about me" posts that were so popular occasionally. (This is before we all just used facebook to see what poor life choices old classmates were making. Welcome to your post college 20s. I know that isn't just me...) 

So remember when everyone was doing the "25 things you don't know about me?" I re-did that. Here it is.

1. I think that in every county there should be 1 library with a 24 hour drive thru/book pick up window.Everyone write your state's/country's politicians so you can promptly be ignored.

2. I walk and run on the outsides of my feet, so I ruin a lot of shoes on the sides first.

3. The last time that I watched How to Train Your Dragon I almost laughed so hard I choked. The line about "man, your guy's butts are getting big, we thought you were a dragon" is my favorite and it slays me everytime. The husband was laughing at me laughing at the tv.

4. I'm pretty hard to embarass. I figure pretty much anyone has tripped over something/said the wrong thing/had a booger in their nose while talking to someone important, so if it's something that happens to everyone there's nothing to be embarrassed about really. This is not to say that I am without regret. "Shouldn't have done that" runs through my brain a lot.

5. My favorite tv shows are: Justified, Archer, Supernatural, and House Hunters International.I try not to watch tv too much but everything stops for these. (Just realized that 3 out of 4 of these are pretty violent, sometimes HHI makes me want to be violent though so it's a toss up). 

#TimothyOlyphant as "Raylan" on #Justified. Love me some Tim!
You can't see it but I'm fanning myself like a Southern lady right now.

6.If I could live anywhere it would be somewhere in Europe in a cute little apartment with a small balcony that is in walking distance to work and all sorts of fun places. It would have a tiny fridge and herringbone patterned wood floors.The bathroom would be small but it would have a heated towel rack. There would be an ancient elevator that I wouldn't trust so I would walk up the stairs unless I was being really lazy or carrying something heavy. Also there'd be little silver IKEA flower boxes on the balcony, probably red geraniums. Mint and gold throw pillows. A bike that I never use leaning against a hallway wall that I trip over all the time. A big straw bag that hangs over a doorknob for grocery shopping. (I think about this fantasy a lot, can you tell?)

7. I don't eat seafood.Bleh.

Fishes are friends not food

My favorite flowers are yellow tulips.Or any kind I get. 

9.I desperately want a corgi but our apartment says no. I've wanted one since 8th grade, so I was way ahead on this corgi trend. 

10. I also wouldn't turn down a Scottie, a Westie, or a pygmy goat. Pygmy goats are so bouncy, I love it! But the copious amount of poop...

11.I get a lot of reading/tv watching/reading done on Friday nights because my husband is usually asleep on the floor by 8. (He gets up early during the week and then is out of gas by Friday night).

12.My favorite ice cream is Chocolate Oreo Volcano from Culver's.

13.Am I honestly the only person who failed their drivers test? I didn't check my blind spots enough and the women didn't like that. The second time I checked them like crazy and passed with flying colors. 

14.My favorite color is green, like kelly green.

15. I don't have any tattoos but I kind of wish I did. I love knuck tattoos on people that you wouldn't expect so maybe I'd do that and then give my parents a collective heart attack.

16. I say I don't like shoes or handbags but when I find some that I really like I go a little obsessive about it. I'm glad it's spring so I can wear my favorite shoes again.

17. At some point on every flight I'm on I feel panic start to rise up into my throat and then I'm like "holy shit I'm going to freak out on this plane and they're going to duct tape me to my seat and I'll never be able to fly again" but then I choke it back down and I'm ok for the rest of the flight. The worst part is the anticipation of it happening, then once it's over I feel ridiculous. This has never stopped me from getting on a plane.

18. My one goal I strive for is I want to be the most reliable/supportive/loving friend/wife/sister/daughter I can be. I fail at it everyday but I know that is something it takes a lifetime to work on.

19.Sometimes when I listen to my ipod at work I'm scared that I'm singing along out loud and I don't realize it.

20.Tailgating at baseball games is a favorite summertime activity, no matter who is playing or what the sore will be. Though being a little drunk and climbing the stairs in a baseball stadium is scary sometimes.

21. I love planning vacations. I don't need to have every detail planned but I like to have lots of options planned to pick from.

22. Mojitos are my favorite alcoholic drink. It tastes like a tropical vacation.

23. Most of the librarians at my home library know me, at least by sight. I'll walk through the door and they see me and pull my holds off the shelf. It's convenient but part of me wonders if they laugh at the weird book combinations I have sometimes.

24. Pinterest and Twitter are my 2 of my favorite things on the internet.

25. Book people are the best people, even on the internet. I was so pleasantly surprised about how wonderful the book blogging community is, it's also diverse and supportive and an interesting mix of humanity. So much love!

Everyone have a fantastic friday and a wonderful weekend. After a frantic Friday I'm loking forward to a laid back rest of the weekend, a lot of it spent with friends!

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