Friday, November 29, 2013

Giving Thanks

Oh Thanksgiving, the one time a year that I am proud about the amount of mashed potatoes I can eat in one sitting instead of being ashamed.Hope everyone had at least one grand meal, spent time with friends and family, enjoyed a day or two off work if you're lucky, and maybe even got some good deals on Black Friday.

Not pictured,me trying to button my pants the next day.

I've seen a few people on Facebook writing everyday one thing that they are thankful for, for each day in November. I thought I would do that but keep it into one little post that will only pop up in your feed once instead of multiple times,because that can be annoying.

So, here she goes. In no particular order I am thankful for these things:
  1. Books (mmm duh)
  2. Libraries (where you get books that you don't have to pay for, except you know, taxes)
  3. Social Media (Sometimes you're annoying but you're usually handy)
  4. My husband (who is awesome. Even if sometimes we think the other one is crazy)
  5. My sisters
  6. My parents
  7. Cricket and Kwik -and Neptune (I love dogs, especially my families.Usually more than people)
  8. A reliable car (especially after having an unreliable one that gave me heart palpitations)
  9. The apartment
  10. Faith
  11. Modern medicine (so many horrible things that can be fixed. Except tetanus.Freaking tetanus)
  12. Friends who are like family (I've got a wonderful group of friends. A tremendous blessing)
  13. A job
  14. Nice coworkers (you spend more time with them then practically anyone and I am blessed)
  15. A short commute (25 minutes on a slow day)
  16. A passport (passports are like little glimpses that dreams can come true if you save your pennies)
  17. Airplanes (I don't love to fly but I'd rather be on a plane for 8 hours then however long a boat to Europe takes)
  18. Hour long lunch breaks (this is where the reading - and occasionally eating-happens)
  19. Living near family
  20. Good health (how easy this one is to take for granted)
  21. My future dog (no dog has been so wished for as that dog has been)
  22. Target (when you need tights, thank you cards and bananas)
  23. Health Insurance
  24. Yoga class (anytime you don't have to wear shoes to work out is a good thing)
  25. Crock pots (I wouldn't do much cooking without these)
  26. The Internet
  27. Meteorology
  28. Not having to do the cooking everyday (crockpot chicken again?!)
  29. My sewing machine (it's a love/hate relationship but I love having one of my own!)
  30. You all! I can't believe that anybody takes the time out of their day (even if you're just trying to not do work) and read what I have to say. Wonderful. I'm so thankful for you.

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